Craft activities

Getting children interested in crafts activities is a great way for parents to encourage creativity in kids. This lets the children practice their imagination while at the same time teaching them the important lesson of recycling. Today, parents can introduce a wide array of DIY kids arts and crafts to their offspring and make it a bonding moment for both of them. Following are some art ideas that children can try their hand on.

Finger Paint Crafts

This is possibly one of the easiest artistic pursuits you can introduce to a child. Make sure to get non-toxic paint for this and use a large canvas for them to pain on. Lay out the colors beforehand, making sure that there are several “bright” options available. Some parents like to skip sad colors like brown and black, instead supplying just pastel colors. Don’t forget to have the finger painting displayed at a prominent part of the house to make the child feel great.

Food Crafts

A great way to get kids interested in healthy food is through food crafts. For example, parents can try baking carrot cupcakes and have the child decorate the top. Moms can also try fruit carving and have the children take care of garnishing of the food. This is an excellent way to get kids involved during the holidays when there will be lots of food preparation involved. Plus, they’re more likely to eat something they’ve had a hand in preparing.


Playing with paper folding is fairly old school as arts and crafts project but still very useful. Parents are advised to teach their children easy to do origami like a tulip flower or the swan. Use brightly colored paper for this so that the formations can be put on display or even used as a mobile. The internet is a great place to find different origami folds from a simple flower to a complicated frog.

Can Crafts

Want to encourage the child to save money? Using large milk cans as a coin bank is a great way for kids to learn the value of cash. This can be further encouraged by letting kids design the exterior of their coin bank. Lay out some colorful papers, some scissors, some glue and even clays. Once personalized, children are more likely to make use of the item.

Papier Mache

This is something that best fits older children. Collect old newspapers and lots of glue to get started. Pick an item like a vase or a toy that can be used as the main mold for the project. Cover the mold with some petroleum jelly before wrapping the paper around and around with the help of some glue. Note that the goal here is to capture every shape and fold of the mold. Papier maches usually take several days to finish and would therefore require patience for children.

Of course, those are just few of the craft ideas that parents and teachers can introduce to children. There are currently different levels of difficulty for arts and crafts, allowing children to choose something that fits their age. Try to set aside at least one day a week for craft work or perhaps during the holidays. Don’t forget to always display their crafts for encouragement.

What to Remember

When it comes to homemade crafts, there are instances when the use of a sharp object is unavoidable. For example, scissors may be needed to cut through paper or plastic. At some point, kids might also need to use a glue gun and various other grown-up materials. In instances like this, it is crucial that the parent warn their child about the item. Make sure that the kids know to ask first before proceeding with any type of project.